Appje voor de Borst

Appje voor de Borst, a term that refers to a Dutch saying, can be used to efficiently register when, how long and with which breast your baby has been breastfed. Appje voor de Borst provides a convenient timer, a clear overview and will follow up. It also offers the possibility to send information to a midwife with the press of a button.

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Platform Type Hybrid iOS / Android Application
Launch Date 10/2016
Appje voor de Borst - Mockup

Appje voor de Borst: simple and convenient

Appje voor de Borst helps where it can, facilitates that what could be easier. It thinks of small, practical things, like which breast you fed your baby with last abd when your baby had a full diaper, was that yesterday, or the day before? Easily register when, how long and with which breast you have fed your baby. Appje voor de Borst makes sure you have to focus on one thing and one thing only: breastfeeding.

Other possibilities include filling out amount of diapers and their contents, as well as the weight of your baby. Appje voor de Borst keeps track of it for you and follows up on your baby. Easy and convenient.

Appje voor de Borst - Mockup

“No obligations, just an easy way to register feeding and knowing that someone is looking over your shoulder to make sure everything is going well. We all like some security. Don’t you need that, just as well, trusting your instincts is encouraged”.

Appje voor de Borst - Screenshot

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