Cazou is an online platform where parents can easily buy and sell second-hand children's clothing. The platform gives clothing a second life, in which both the parents and the environment can benefit.

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Platform Type Python & Django based web platform
Launch Date 12/2015


Buying clothes

As a parent you can also buy clothes at Cazou. You can order all your items with a click of a button. Sending e-mails and exchanging data is past tense. After ordering, the payment can be made with iDEAL or credit card and the package will be sent within 7 days. As a buyer, you are 100% protected against fraud.

Cazou - Mockup
Cazou - Mockup
Cazou - Image

Selling clothes

Selling clothes via Cazou is not only easy, but also free. Just take a picture, add some info, and submit. As a seller you do not pay any costs before, during or after sales. Moreover, you no longer need to exchange addresses or stick stamps. You can print a shipment label that you can paste as a postage on your package.

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