Cazou is an online platform on which you easily buy and sell second-hand clothing. Thanks to the platform, the clothing gets a second life, which has advantages for the buyer, the seller and the environment. The idea originated from someone who wanted to extend the fleeting life of baby clothes. Parents buy clothes for their baby, but babies grow in the blink of an eye. And unfortunately, the clothes don’t grow with them.

The initial platform for baby clothing, which Lemon co-developed, has now grown organically into a platform that extends the fleeting life of clothing in general. Cazou is no longer limited to second-hand baby clothing, but now also offers second-hand children's clothing or second-hand clothing for adults.

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Platform Type Python & Django based web platform
Launch Date 12/2015

Buying clothes

With Cazou, you buy second-hand clothing in no time. The biggest asset? The ease of use, and that’s because Cazou looks like a regular online webshop. The platform eliminates exhausting email traffic for exchanging data, and ensures a smooth purchase within a few clicks. After the order, you pay the necessary amount via iDEAL or via a credit card and then receive your parcel by post. As a buyer, you are also 100% protected against fraud. In other words, you can count on Cazou if something goes wrong.

Cazou - Mockup
Cazou - Mockup
Cazou - Image

Selling clothes

Selling clothes via Cazou is completely free: no costs before, during, or after the sale. You don’t even have to exchange your address with the buyer or stick a stamp. You simply print out a label for shipping, which you then stick to your package as franking. In addition to being free, selling clothes via Cazou is also very easy: you take a photo, add some information and post it on the platform. And then you wait for someone to buy your piece!

Relevant Cases

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Het Land Van Ooit is a baby and children's specialty store that counted on Lemon for a new IT infrastructure, a webshop and an ERP/CRM system.


Internet of Things Platform

Lemon developed Slimbak, an Internet of Things system that optimizes waste management in cities and parks by measuring how full a garbage can is with sensors.

Flying Tiger Store

IT infrastructure

Lemon provided the delivery and installation of the IT infrastructure of the Danish chain Flying Tiger Copenhagen. From cash registers and security cameras to workstations and network.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation


Lemon helps managing the website of Sumba Hospitality Foundation, a foundation that built an autonomous hotel, a school and a permaculture farm on the island of Sumba.