There is a big offer of interesting events in Antwerp, but a lot of those could be missed because of not knowing. The sisters Geudens saw this hole in the market, and were not hesitant to change something about that. Soon, FindOut was born. Its mission: to offer the most qualitative, complete and user-friendly platform of all events in Antwerp, with the purpose of inspiring and entertaining the 'Antwerpenaar' and visitors of far and wide!

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Platform Type Angular 'Squeeze' based web platform
Launch Date 07/2017
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Find things to do in Antwerp

Antwerp was never so easy to uncover! Find the most entertaining events through our categories, filter by date and/or price, or explore our (trending) tags. Get inspired by the choice of the redaction!

The meeting spot of events in Antwerp

By using several databases combined with social media, we offer a comprehensive overview of all events in Antwerp. New events are offered automatically on the website. FindOut is accessible for free, and is accessible for both visitor and organiser. In other words, a wealth of inspiration!

FindOut can mean even more for the event organiser. They can promote their events to their target audience through smart marketing and, by doing so, save money and time.

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Relevant Cases


Web Platform / E-commerce

Cazou is an online platform where parents can easily buy and sell second-hand children's clothing. The platform gives clothing a second life, in which both the parents and the environment can benefit.


Website / Web Platform / Mobile App

Yuki is a platform that improves online accounting with smart software. We help the company in several areas for which they do not have in-house knowledge.


Web Platform

Diageo Bar Academy functions as training grounds for bar professionals. Our platform manages all planning administration behind these events.


Web Platform / Website

Participate is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that was specifically designed for organisations, associations and public institutions.