Forganiser is a revolutionary online staff planning tool that makes management of flexible workers much easier and efficient. The platform is perfectly adapted to the hospitality and catering industry, student workers and the event industry.

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Platform Type Angular web platform, Hybrid iOS / Android App
Launch Date 01/2015
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Forganiser for employers

Employers in the hospitality, catering or event industry have to deal with fluctuating work loads. They are in need of a flexible planning tool to easily find capable workers when they need them most.

Forganiser is an online platform that allows you to efficiently find the right flexible workers for the job. With just a few clicks and smart filters you can find which persons are available, and how well they performed during comparable jobs. Forganiser also allows you to share your favorite list of employees with other, similar organisations. It handles the payroll administration so you can concentrate on the operational part of the job.

Forganiser for employees

For those that love working in the hospitality, catering or events industry, Forganiser is the perfect tool. The platform allows you to easily find and manage assignments on different days and places. Check the job offers, and easily choose the assignment that fits your planning.

Besides, Forganiser takes good care of the administration and communication between you and your employer, so you can focus on what’s most important: leaving a good impression!

Forganiser - Mockups

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