Noah Store Manager is an ERP/CRM software system that digitizes and optimizes store management for baby and children's specialty stores. The software package integrates a web-based platform written in Ember on the one hand and an Angular cash register application for Windows and Mac OS X on the other.

Initially, Lemon developed the ERP/CRM software system for a specific baby and child specialty store. They needed a structured and process-oriented approach, because the system they used could not provide sufficient support. Later, it turned out that the system would also be useful for other baby and children's specialty stores. And just like that, Noah Store Manager was born.

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Platform Type Ember Based Web Platform / ERP
Launch Date 06/2017

Noah Store Manager, your digital partner

Noah Store Manager serves as your digital partner, that guides and assists you in the digital world. Not only is Noah Store Manager efficient and user-friendly, it also eases the burden of several hard tasks. And those tasks go beyond just the stock management of the store. Orders are automatically placed when there is a limited stock, back-order tracking is being used, order picking, an extensive role system for users, linkage with Tableau which allows analysis of best-selling products, online birth lists where the consumer can manage the birth list himself, you name it. Moreover, suppliers also make use of Noah Store Manager, but only as an ERP system. In other words: as a tool to optimize their stock.

On top of that, it is possible to manage the webshop via the platform. How that works? The existing webshop gets linked to Noah Store Manager and the baby and child specialist can then manage and adjust the webshop on the web-based platform. If the baby and child specialty store doesn’t have a webshop yet, Noah Store Manager will be happy to build it for them. Afterwards, managing and adapting the webshop happens on the web-based platform as well.

Automated birth lists

As a baby and child specialist, it is challenging to efficiently monitor and manage online and offline birth lists. Especially since birth lists involve articles from different suppliers and the purchases of these articles happen differently. In addition, the delivery can also differ per purchase. Exhausting to keep up with? Not with Noah Store Manager. It ensures an automated optimal management of the birth lists, and consequently of the stock. In short: Noah Store Manager provides, automates and accelerates the administrative side of the story.

More time for the customer

Thanks to the increased insight into stock, deliveries and orders from customers, the required stock was reduced by 50%. Insight into sales statistics has contributed to a sharp reduction in unsold stock. As you can see, Noah has many advantages. Because everything can be managed easily and quickly in one place, this means that the retailer now has more time to help his customers.

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