Noah is an Ember based ERP system specifically designed for baby and children's shops. It helps store managers take care of the administration, orders and birth lists, so there's no need for them to spend exuberant amounts of time on resource planning, meaning they can focus on their customers.

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Platform Type Ember Based Web Platform / ERP
Launch Date 06/2017
Noah - Mockup

Birth lists

The number 1 challenge of baby and children’s shops is the management of birth lists. Birth list enlist several articles that come from other suppliers. Customers buy these articles at different places or times and every customer chooses a different delivery method. Thanks to Noah, these issues are in the past.

Noah - Mockup

Your storemanager

Noah takes on all tasks. From accounting to stock management, everything becomes child’s play thanks to its user-friendliness and efficiency.

Noah - Screenshot

Relevant Cases


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