Slimbak optimizes waste management in cities and parks. Trash cans are equipped by sensors that measure the extent to which a trash bin is filled and can determine an optimal route for waste collectors.

Platform Type Internet of Things Platform with Angular Web App
Launch Date 06/2016

LoRa technology

LoRa technology is a new radio technology that is often used for Internet of Things applications. With this technology, the data from each bin is forwarded to a server and that determines an optimal route. The waste collectors can get information about the waste bins in a list and map view.

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In this efficient way of collecting trash, a city can not only save a lot of time, but also money. Moreover, they not only get information about which bin is full, but they can also get statistics about the behavior patterns in a certain neighborhood. Questions like: ‘Where can bins be added? Or which bins are unnecessary? ” will be answered quickly.

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