Lemon helped launching the creative idea of BBQ’tje. How? By working out in detail the design of their website and the e-commerce system behind it. BBQ’tje provides delivery and catering services, not only for a delicious BBQ, but also for a gourmet, fondue, stone grill or teppanyaki dinner. In short: a great meal, but with no worries!

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Platform Type Website / E-commerce
Launch Date 03/2017

Delivery and catering

As mentioned above, BBQ’tje provides two services. And the homepage immediately displays what these services are. On one hand, BBQ’tje delivers dinnerboxes for at least 6 persons. Those boxes are not limited to just BBQ boxes, as you can also choose for a gourmet, fondue, stone grill or tappanyaki box. On the other hand, BBQ’tje has a catering service for events of at least 20 persons. This service takes care of the entire organization of your BBQ dinner on the location of your choice.

BBQ'tje - Screenshot
BBQ'tje - Screenshot

Choose what, instead of how much

The ‘delivery’ section provides a selection list of meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and extras. And since some people are worried about buying too large or too small quantities, Lemon integrated a smart algorithm that calculates the amount of food needed for the group. In this way, everyone has exactly enough to eat. Enjoy!

BBQ'tje - Fullwidth Image

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