Do you love barbecuing or gourmet? We know we do. BBQ'tje understands this love and makes sure that everything for your barbecue is taken care of, from meats and fish to your favorite sauces. Are you celebrating something with a larger group, like a first communion or a company event? BBQ'tje provides catering services, perfect for those occasions!

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Platform Type Website / E-commerce
Launch Date 03/2017

Delicious BBQ and gourmet, without the hassle!

We all love barbecuing or enjoying a lovely gourmet dinner. These things usually require you to go to the store, buy all the things, and that doesn’t even cover the preparation! For a great and hassle-free dinner, BBQ’tje provides you with delivery and catering services, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

BBQ'tje - Screenshot
BBQ'tje - Screenshot

Choose what, instead of how much

The delivery section gives you the choice of meats, vegetables, sauces and others. Don’t worry about buying too much or not enough, BBQ’tje’s smart algorithm will calculate the necessary amount of food for your group, so everyone will have exactly enough to eat.

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