Corporify is a blockchain inspired platform that makes the legal management of companies more practical, comprehensive and more accessible. It strives to remove frictions and administrative burdens from legal company management to empower every company and legal professional to transform overhead into business value.

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Platform Type Angular based web platform
Launch Date 11/2017

Use legal business information more efficiently and more secure!

Corporify provides the ability to centralize legal entities. This way the collection and exchange of business activity can be seen. In addition, it provides an overview of all shareholders, mandates and decision-making structures.

Automate the legal workflow and reduce the administrative burden!

Business documents can be created within a few clicks. On top of that, the platform has a notification and reminder function, so you will never forget important dates, contracts, periods, etc.

Relevant Cases

De Serre

IT infrastructure

The fast-casual food concept De Serre has quickly become a fixed value in the Antwerp restaurant landscape.


Internet of Things Platform

Slimbak optimizes waste management in cities and parks. Trash cans are equipped by sensors that measure the extent to which a trash bin is filled and can determine an optimal route.


Web Platform / ERP

Noah is an Ember based ERP system specifically designed to help manage baby and children's shops.


Web Platform / Website

Up to 2016, most of Samana's administration and its initiatives was done manually. Our first project with Samana was digitising the 'Blijven Reizen' initiative.