Diageo is known to the world as one of the biggest alcohol producing companies out there. Their brand incorporates several big alcohol brands like Smirnoff, J&B, Baileys, Tanqueray, and so on. One of their many initiatives is called Diageo Bar Academy, and functions as training grounds for bar professionals. Managing large amounts of bar tenders, bar owners, and all administration behind it could be a hassle at times. That's where we came in.

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Platform Type Angular based web platform
Launch Date 12/2017

Different roles, same interface

The Diageo Bar Academy planning tool was built in such a way that any user, whether that user is a bar professional, sales, or more of an administrative profile, has the same interface, adapted to their user role. A bar owner, for example, will be able to subscribe their personnel to trainings, receive notice of their employees presence and skill level, whereas a sales person can find that information about his customers to be able to offer more specific events.

Diageo - Screenshot

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