With its services, E-talage offers a communication, order and transaction platform. Thanks to the services, end users can place orders and optionally pay immediately to the affiliated traders / service providers. Every trader / service provider who is connected will be able to decide for himself whether he / she allows the end user to place an order without having to pay for that order immediately, but in case of collection or delivery.

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Platform Type Angular based webplatform
Launch Date 07/2019

Get Jumpstarted
Etalage is a jumpstart project. Jumpstart is a time-box, designed to get things done. You’re provided with a development and UX/UI team to build your product, to help you lead your team and project. One of our experienced project managers will guide you throughout the entire process. All of this with one goal in mind a minimum viable product that the client had in mind. And this is exactly what we did for E-talage.

Branding and development
Lemon was responsible for the full development of E-talage, both in terms of branding and development. Specifically, our creative team provided the design of the platform as well as the E-talage logo. In addition, the development team wrote the software for the webshop and the backoffice. In this backoffice the traders manage their products, data, photos, orders and the like. The backend was written in Java and the frontend with Angular.

Relevant Cases

Oosterweel Werkt

Mobile app

The Oosterweel link, everybody not living under a rock knows about it. The notorious mobility issues in and around Zwijndrecht and Linkeroever are being fixed with this link.


Web Platform / E-commerce

Cazou is an online platform, co-developed by Lemon, on which you buy and sell second-hand clothing in no time: advantageous for the buyer, seller and the environment.


Internet of Things Platform

Lemon developed Slimbak, an Internet of Things system that optimizes waste management in cities and parks by measuring how full a garbage can is with sensors.

De Serre

IT infrastructure

Lemon ensured the full connectivity of De Serre, a contemporary fast-casual food concept in a beautiful historic building, through the delivery and installation of the network and WiFi.