KU Leuven

KU Leuven is one of the biggest universities in Belgium, located in Louvain. With the big amount of staff, there is always a big need of standardized printed materials like business cards and greeting cards. In collaboration with Procopia, a big player on the Belgian print market, a web platform was crafted to handle these specific needs.

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Platform Type Web Platform
Launch Date 12/2018

The briefing: create a platform for KU Leuven that can handle all their staff’s standardized printing materials, meaning business cards, greeting cards and wishing cards. This platform was to be only accessible by staff, and to take into account which user role role is making an order.

Walking through the order process, the first step is to choose a template, predetermined by KU Leuven. Subsequently, this template can be personalized to show contact details of the staff member, all in the predetermined KU Leuven layout. A nice preview is also generated upon input of the data.

KUL - Screenshots

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