McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting company that provides private, public and social sector institutions with services to help improve their performance and realize their goals. For the company retreat in 2015, the McKinsey BTO NOO Knowledge Days, the company had planned a series of teambuilding activities for a mix of international management employees. For that cause, it needed an app to help bind the weekend together.

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Platform Type Mobile App based on the Ionic Framework
Launch Date 08/2015
McKinsey - Mockup

In-house social sharing

To find other colleagues at the BTO NOO Knowledge Days, the app provides browsing through the list of profiles and filtering by using the search field. If someone appears interesting, the app contains his/her wall and profile. For the users’ convenience, e-mail and call shortcuts have been added to the top section. All this information is locked with usernames and password. Profiles can be created by the event organiser, so there is no clutter from outside McKinsey.

Who, where & when?

To find out where to be, and at what time, the app has a built in activities schedule. This feature allows scrolling through time to see what has past, what’s happening now and what’s yet to come. Further than that, it allows clicking through to see who else is joining the activity in question.

McKinsey - Mockup

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