Carey is a mobile coach who assists patients in the run-up to surgery and the healing afterwards. Sharing information step-by-step with the patient can save up to 70% in the follow-up process by surgeon and hospital staff. In addition, the risk of complications after treatment reduces by 10%. Obviously, patient satisfaction increases considerably.
The first version of this app is specifically intended for orthognathic (oral diseases, jaw- and facial surgery) surgery. However, the basic principles apply to any surgery focused on the patient's trials.

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Platform Type Mobile App
Launch Date 09/2020

Carey, your mobile coach

Carey’s mission is twofold. On the one hand, it wants to improve patient care. On the other hand, it tries to facilitate follow-up tasks for the surgeon and save time so they can focus on their clinical activity. Therefore, Carey ensures that patients are prepared for their surgery and helps them to recover as quickly as possible.


Better care for the patient …

Carey mainly wants to focus on individual patient guidance. But why is this so important? A Dutch study on rehabilitation in patients with colorectal cancer has shown that if patients are intensively guided individually before and after the surgical procedure, they will recover much faster. 80% of the patients who received personal guidance through training and nutrition schedules had recovered after three weeks. In the other group, only 40% recovered after three weeks. Carey is very committed to this patient counseling.

… time saving for the surgeon

An initial study showed that the administrative tasks of nurses, doctor and hospital secretariat were already reduced by 70% after the introduction of Carey. Thanks to the application, contact with the hospital and the treating surgeon is less needed. We work with a FAQ and chatbot so that patients can be helped without having to turn to the involved surgeon or doctor.


The right information at the right time

What can I eat on the day of the surgery? How often do I have to take my medicine? When do I have to take my medicine? I’m in a lot of pain – is that normal? Every patient has questions after surgery. Carey gives the answers, based on the most recent, available information which is available in the medical world.

From A to Z with Lemon

In the first phase, an MVP (minimum viable product – minimum requirements) was drawn up in preparation of a medical study. The customer journey was primarily the focus of the MVP, because communication between patient and nurse / surgeon is crucial for this application.

After the MVP followed the expansion of the app. Limited functionalities from the MVP are being refined and expanded and new functionalities are being added. The other functionalities are developed in two-week sprints. The deadline of release two therefore depends on the number of sprints required to process all functionalities.


Good agreements make good friends

In this way Lemon ensures a well-arranged and realistic timing. This makes that it is always aligned on the expectations of the customer. Then the developments are always described and passed on to the customer what makes that correct follow-up is possible.

Good communication is crucial for Lemon. Good agreements make good friends.


Meddition is a start-up that brings together medical and digital knowledge. The team working on this consists of surgeons and digital experts with a common goal: to be a digital asset in the medical world, in particular all types of patient care assistance. Meddition looks at different facets. First they want a mobile application that informs and motivates patients before and after their surgery. Besides that, they also want to offer a customized module that supports them during other trials, like long-term treatments. The basis of Meddition remains to create a better patient experience.

Relevant Cases

Flying Tiger Store

IT infrastructure

Lemon provided the delivery and installation of the IT infrastructure of the Danish chain Flying Tiger Copenhagen. From cash registers and security cameras to workstations and network.


Internet of Things Platform

Lemon developed Slimbak, an Internet of Things system that optimizes waste management in cities and parks by measuring how full a garbage can is with sensors.


Web application

Promat International NV belongs to the Etex Group, an industrial group in building materials. Lemon created an app to choose the right fire protected material.



The website was launched by Lemon, based on the graphic information and wishes of D.A.S. according the design. Lemon is responsible for the correct functioning of the website used by D.A.S..