Lemon helped launching the innovative idea of ??Participate. How? By creating a white-label crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for organizations, associations and public institutions that want to facilitate and stimulate funding for their community in both traditional and alternative ways. Such organizations, associations and public institutions fully adapt this unbranded crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform to their own brand so it matches with their look and feel. When finished, they use it to engage their community.

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Platform Type Angular baseed web platform / Website
Launch Date 12/2016
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Participating, more than just donating

Most crowdfunding platforms mainly focus on financial contributions. Participate obviously believes strongly in the effectiveness of financial participation as well, but it also supports non-monetary participation. Therefore, in addition to donations, visitors can contribute in other ways. For example, volunteering, providing physical locations, loaning or donating material items, sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas, and so on.

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“We believe that parents, grand parents, volunteers, opleidingscentra, interim offices, society institutions, social entrepreneurs, project developers, companies,… and even investors can offer support with this or contribute.”

Koen Anciaux, Mechelen’s Jurat of Wellbeing, Social Affairs, Public Health, Parents counsel, Childcare and People with a handicap

Helpful hands do not remain empty

Some people need a little push to be convinced to get on board. That’s why crowdfunding or crowdsourcing organizers have the choice to offer rewards to helpful people on their Participate platform. Rewards can occur in different forms or even differ depending on the type or size of the contribution. Ranging from a general expression of gratitude to a specific tribute in the development of the crowdfunding or crowdsourcing project.

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Relevant Cases


Case video

REAS is a real estate auditing service that guarantees the quality management of buildings with well-timed inspections. The case video, developed by Lemon, explains how the service works.


Web Platform / E-commerce

Cazou is an online platform, co-developed by Lemon, on which you buy and sell second-hand clothing in no time: advantageous for the buyer, seller and the environment.


Website / E-commerce

BBQ’tje provides delivery and catering services for a carefree BBQ, gourmet, fondue, stone grill or teppayaki. Lemon took care of the website's design and the e-commerce system behind it.

Flying Tiger Store

IT infrastructure

Lemon provided the delivery and installation of the IT infrastructure of the Danish chain Flying Tiger Copenhagen. From cash registers and security cameras to workstations and network.