Participate is one of the first crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform in Belgium. It was designed as a white label solution specifically for organisations, associations and public institutions looking to facilitate funding both traditionally and alternatively) within their community.

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Platform Type Angular baseed web platform / Website
Launch Date 12/2016
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To contribute, participate

Most crowdfunding platforms allow their visitors to contribute to causes using only money. Participate believes money is still an effective way of contributing, but also stands firm behind contributing by participating. That’s why with Participate, visitors can also contribute with voluntary labor hours, providing physical locations, material items and sharing knowledge, experience or ideas.

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We believe that parents, grand parents, volunteers, opleidingscentra, interim offices, society institutions, social entrepreneurs, project developers, companies,… and even investors can offer support with this or contribute.

Koen Anciaux, Mechelen’s Jurat of Wellbeing, Social Affairs, Public Health, Parents counsel, Childcare and People with a handicap

A reward for a helpful hand

As people sometimes need a little incentive to get on board, crowdfunding/sourcing organisers can offer a reward for people offering a helping hand. These rewards can be general rewards to any kind of help, or bound to specific sorts of contributions.

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