Lemon was responsible for the web based application of Promat, part of the international manufacturer of fire retardant construction materials Etex. Promat offers you fire retardant products for building fire retardant constructions. The application provides an efficiƫnt filter system that shows products based on the needs of the client. The platform thus provides a custommade Promat solution.

Platform Type Angular based platform and spring boot backend
Launch Date Not applicable

Huge range, huge selection

Promat is a total supplier of fire-resistant products. Ranging from fire-resistant plates or paint, to insulated pipes to
protect electrical cables and support structures. The range is huge, and so is the choice. However, with the application that Lemon built, you efficiently select the products that are relevant to you.

Custom Promat solution

Lemon developed a web-based application, to guide people through the enormous range of Promat. In other words, you rely on the application’s filter system to arrive at a selection of products that have been carefully selected based on the needs of the building itself. Specifically, you answer 5 questions about the building in question via the application. Depending on the answers to these questions, you will see a different selection of products. A building where the separation type is a plaster wall requires a different fire protection than when the separation type is a wooden wall.

Relevant Cases

KU Leuven

Web Platform

Lemon designed a web platform for KU Leuven, on which staff can find and personalize standardized print material such as business cards.


Web Platform / Website

FindOut is the most qualitative, complete and user-friendly event platform in Antwerp and was developed by Lemon.

Flying Tiger Store

IT infrastructure

Lemon provided the delivery and installation of the IT infrastructure of the Danish chain Flying Tiger Copenhagen. From cash registers and security cameras to workstations and network.

Herentals City

IT infrastructure

The city of Herentals needed a new IT infrastructure. Lemon provided a flexible all-in-one solution with a new telephony system and new network equipment.