Q8Oils is one of the largest oil producers in the world. As part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the activities of the company are expanded to include offshore exploration, production, refining and transportation of oil. In addition, they also do marketing and retailing of the product.

But apart from that, they are a company that cares about their customers, and wants to put them at the center of everything they do. Therefore, they asked us if it would be more pleasant for their customers to have 2 platforms or just 1.

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Platform Type Wordpress
Launch Date 08/2021


Content-driven and informative under the same roof

After doing a thorough analysis about their websites, but especially about their customers, we realized that we could give them a better experience by offering one platform, instead of 2. Therefore, we created the following:

Firstly, a platform where customers can easily find information about Q8Oils and their products. We did this by combining the 2 websites, and by optimizing the UX and UI towards the customers of Q8Oils;

And secondly, a brand new product finder that was completely adapted to the needs of the customers. Now everyone can consult the product range in a faster and more pleasant way.




The customer first

With both the renewal of the website and building the new product finder, we created a pleasant experience for the visitors of Q8Oils. They can work more intuitive, by consulting both information and the product range in an easier way. The customers no longer have to scroll endlessly over 2 different websites to find the right information. The customer comes first. That applies to Q8Oils but also to Lemon.

Relevant Cases

KU Leuven

Web Platform

Lemon designed a web platform for KU Leuven, on which staff can find and personalize standardized print material such as business cards.


Case video

REAS is a real estate auditing service that guarantees the quality management of buildings with well-timed inspections. The case video, developed by Lemon, explains how the service works.


Internet of Things Platform

Lemon developed Slimbak, an Internet of Things system that optimizes waste management in cities and parks by measuring how full a garbage can is with sensors.



The website was launched by Lemon, based on the graphic information and wishes of D.A.S. according the design. Lemon is responsible for the correct functioning of the website used by D.A.S..