To keep a building in its original value, preventive maintenance must be carried out continuously. In a building with several residents, this is a complex task to organize: maintenance has to be set up at the annual meeting, costs have to be estimated, repairers appointed ... The final decision can only be taken at the next meeting.

REAS offers the solution for temporary inspection and maintenance, by being your eyes and ears in the building. An expert draws up a maintenance plan. This maintenance plan shows all necessary maintenance tasks, times and costs to keep your building in new value.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to discover the REAS maintenance plan.

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A storyboard was sketched out for every scene of the video. These sketches where detailed and designed in illustrator. All shapes where then individually imported in aftereffects to create the animation.

Several designs were created of the most important scenes and characters to deteremine the right look and feel for the video

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