Samana, the former Ziekenzorg CM, tries to look at the world from the perspective of people that are chronically ill and their caregiver. There are several initiatives within the company, like 'Blijven Reizen' (Continue to travel) and 'Lokale Werking' (Local operations). Up to 2016, all of these initiatives' administration, like registrations for activities or vacations, was done manually. This means that thousands of forms had to be sent to the right people, which had to be sent back and entered in the system by hand. Today is another story.

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Continue traveling (Blijven Reizen)

One of Samana’s most prominent activities is a program that allows people with a chronic disease to keep traveling, in spite of their inabilities. The administration of this program is enormous, as aside from the chronically sick people and Samana employees themselves, there are also caregivers and volunteers to take into account.  From advertising the destinations with amenities to registration and confirmation of hotels, divisions of materials, the web application takes care of the entire process.

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