Lemon proudly became the mother of a baby named Squire. Squire is a service company founded by Nour-Saïd Sebaoui. During his final year of Business Management, he started his search for an internship that was in line with his education and ambitions. Soon he discovered that it was not so easy. How do you start this search and which companies appeal to you? Nour-Saïd soon realized that completing an internship could bring many opportunities. This for both students and companies. And with that in mind, Squire was born …

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Launch Date 02/2020

Find your internship, thanks to Squire

Squire is an internship platform that makes finding an internship easier for students. The essence is that they quickly and efficiently find the right internship that fits their needs and wishes. Students create a profile and place a digital CV online that shows some school-related skills so that companies can perfectly see which students are applying for an internship.

Companies take the lead

Thanks to Squire, companies can proactively search for the ideal intern. With other internship platforms, companies can only post one vacancy and have to wait until a student applies. Squire ensures that companies can take the lead. After placing a vacancy, Squire matches the students with the company where they meet the predetermined criteria. This way, the company gets a list of possible suitable candidates. The only thing the company still has to do is choose the right candidate.

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