Yuki is a platform that strives to strengthen the collaboration between entrepreneur and accountant, by connecting them to one another and improving their online accounting with smart software. As Yuki is growing, the company needs assistance in several areas for which they do not have the in-house knowledge.

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Yuki App

Approving invoices in the app

Yuki functions as an online platform to simplify the accounting of a company and its accountant. One of the modules that exists in the platform, is the ability to approve or deny invoices. Up until the beginning of 2016, this was not possible.

The module in the mobile app gives a nice overview of the invoices to be evaluated, and can easily be modified by swiping to the left or to the right, revealing shortcuts. The invoice can also be viewed in detail view, revealing more information and extra memos about the invoice. For a fullscreen view, the phone can be rotated to show the invoice in full.

Yuki Rebranding

In September 2016, the Yuki brand was renewed. The old logo had run its course, and was in dire need of renewal. The new logo was to convey the same message as the old logo (the 4 Yuki stones, for perfect balance, like accounting), but needed a fresh and modern look. Furthermore, Yuki needed an animated video to present the new logo, templates for presentations, stationary, and several more items. To summarize all changes to the brand, a brand guideline was also to be included.

Yuki stationary

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