Jumpstart, from idea to a market-ready product

09/08/2018 - 08:08

Jumpstart, van idee tot marktklaar product

PrAAS, Process As A Service

Jumpstart is a time-box, designed to get things done. You’re provided with a development and UX/UI team to build your product, to help you lead your team and project. One of our experienced project managers will guide you throughout the entire process.


Laurent, CTO at Lemon,: “ Products are too often delivered without involving the client in the creation process. ‘Let’s do IT together’ is our motto at Lemon. We wanted to create a service which represents what we believe in. So Jumpstart was born.”


Through coaching, brainstorm and planning sessions, Jumpstart increases your comfortability and familiarity with the digital world and in particular the software development process. These sessions support the journey of going from a great idea to a great product. Throughout the process the goal remains clear, launching a market ready product as an ideal representation of your idea.

From idea to MVP

Speaking of launch, don’t worry – your team will continue to support you even after launch! Lemon believes in constant development and improvement, which is why you will receive retrospective sessions. Here we look back on the Jumpstart process – as well as identify the possibilities the future holds!

Get Jumpstarted!

To get your idea market ready you need an MVP. An MVP is ‘minimum viable product’, a functioning product equipped with all necessary features to get your journey started. To build an MVP we literally Jumpstart your idea and make sure it’s ready for all future improvements it needs to become a full fledged, kick-ass product.

Jumpstart is in itself an MVP! The minimum viable process required to get from idea to minimum viable product as fast and low risk as possible.

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