My Samana - The door to digitization

13/10/2017 - 00:09

Samana - Blog Post

The digitization of a VZW with more than 25.000 volunteers is a huge challenge. A challenge that Lemon Companies liked to do with Samana. Samana organizes nearly 300 trips each year, thousands of activities and numerous informative sessions and courses all with the aim of helping chronically ill people participate fully in social life.

Samana’s 1.200 cores and almost one hundred professional employees are actively involved in empowering and making their members more vulnerable. After changing the name from ‘Ziekenzorg CM’ to ‘Samana’ in 2016, the organization is now focusing on the digitization of their services. After changing the name from ‘Ziekenzorg CM’ to ‘Samana’ in 2016, the organization is now focusing on the digitization of their services.

The major advantage of this digitization is the reduction in administrative workload. Thus, professional and volunteers can focus more on their members and the quality of their services.

Digital landscape

With 1.000 of travel applications and 10.000 of enrollments for activities and courses a year, thinking and implementing an appropriate digital landscape is a complex task. An assignment performed in different phases. At the end of 2016, the digitization of ‘Blijven Reizen’ began. As robustness, reliability and ease of use were central to the platform, we sticked to our trusted Java/Javascript stack.

The Java back-end contains the various web services that offer the required functionality. This back-end protects the personal and often sensitive data that only authorized persons can consult. In addition, the Java application monitors data integrity, all forwarded data is carefully validated and stored according to industry standards. Assuming an external security audit, the system’s security and robustness has been verified and confirmed.

Fast and visually attractive web platform

Through a Javascript front end, members, volunteers and professionals use a fast and visually attractive web platform. Due to modular construction, the platform is easily adaptable and expandable. A quality that is currently being used when adding the new module ‘plaatselijke werking’ that focuses on organizing many activities and managing the cores.

A next addition will be the launch of a renewed website. For the purpose of being more than just informative, the website becomes the starting point for each member to plan his or her trip with Samana. The website brings the offered platforms and services, in the form of ‘het blijven reizen’ and ‘plaatselijke werking’ modules, closer to the members under the name of ‘My Samana’. Through ‘My Samana’, members and volunteers are able to subscribe to many trips and activities.

The online ecosystem strengthens the empowerment of Samana’s members and opens doors to new future challenges.