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We don't only help our clients make their Lemonade, we also create our own.

At Lemon, we love our clients’ lemonade, but that doesn’t mean we don’t make our own blend as well. We focus on perfectioning our clients’ platforms as well as creating our own. Have a look at what we have to offer.


Slimbak takes care of optimisation of waste management in cities and big parks. Trash cans in cities and parks will be equipped with sensors that measure how full the trash can is. This information is transferred to the waste collectors by means of LoRa technology, that will receive a nice list and map view. Their route is also optimised by the software.
Product / UX Design / Web Development


Forganiser is a planning tool and HR platform, built for the hospitality sector. It can be seen as a virtual interim office with a dynamic workforce, mostly students. The whole HR process, from application to payment goes is handled by the Forganiser platform. This provides for a more efficient way of working.
Mobile App Design / Mobile App Development / Product / Responsive / UX Design / Web App Development / Web Site Design


At SupplyWise, our aim is to use technology to positively impact the raw materials consuming industry by providing all the tools necessary for industrial buyers of raw materials to enable them to make more sustainable, both economical and ecological, decisions.
Collaboration / Product / UX Design / Web App Development / Web Development / Web Site Design

Appje Voor De Borst

Appje voor the Borst, a term that refers to a Dutch saying, can be used to efficiently register when, how long and with which breast your baby has been breastfed. Appje voor de Borst provides a convenient timer, a clear overview and will follow up. It also offers the possibility to send information to a midwife with the press of a button.
Collaboration / Mobile App Design / Mobile App Development / Product / Responsive / UX Design / Web Site Design


Cazou is one of our joint ventures, an online platform for parents who are looking to obtain or to get rid of second hand children's clothing. The platform offers clothes to get a second life which benefits not only the parents but also the environment.
Collaboration / Responsive / UX Design / Web App Development / Web Site Design


An application that improves in-house communication while boosting productivity? Our Inhouse app features a wall for interaction, employee profiles and several convenient modules, like Time Tracking, Schedule and Event Calendar. Even full company branding is possible, to further enhance the experience for your employees.
Mobile App Design / Product / UX Design / Web Development