Software development: Staying ahead of the curve

24/11/2017 - 00:06

Blogpost Friday Lemonaries

At Lemon we strive to deliver high quality software products. Before we start developing a new project, we ask ourselves which technology stack is the best fit to fulfill our customer’s requirements. Given the extremely fast evolution of the IT industry, keeping up is a challenge. While new technologies can be an improvement, applying them a first time entails risks, especially on projects with strict deadlines. Unknown pitfalls or lack of mastery can cause problems along the way. Therefore we tend to default to familiar techniques when starting new projects.

It’s become clear we need a way to internally educate our developers, instead of following courses we have decided to start with a more dynamic idea: on Friday afternoons we will work on internal projects! Ideas that grow from our people will be tackled with the entire team:

  • Devs
  • Designers
  • UI/UX’ers
  • System Admins
  • Even sales!

These ideas will be developed with techniques that we have yet to master in environments that are new to us. The benefits and goals are clear: improve team-spirit, grow our overall IT expertise, the results can be used internally or potentially even commercialised and most of all it is just fun to do something totally different!

Because we think this is an interesting project, which will certainly evolve and be optimised over time, we will post updates on our blog along the way, so stay tuned!

The Lemonaries

A seminary is a place or environment where something is grown or nurtured: we decided to name our event following this definition. Thus calling our Friday afternoon meetings the Friday Lemonaries!

Friday November 24th: kick-off!

Today we kick-off our first Lemonary. We gathered several interesting ideas, started a poll and decided to build a multi tenant platform for ordering sandwiches in our favorite sandwich-bar!

The basic premise is a simple one, nonetheless it contains all the things we want to achieve. Some of the foreseen capabilities and features include:

  • View and order sandwiches
  • View previous orders
  • Become the BLT-sandwich king by earning points
  • View statistics
  • Pay online

Today we will brainstorm about the requirements and think about which technologies we will use. Several options are available:

  • React
  • React Native
  • NodeJs backend
  • GraphQL
  • No-SQL database

Other questions are left to be answered:

  • What should the design look like?
  • Can we pitch our idea to the sandwich bar and get real user-requirements?
  • Do we try a different issue-tracker than Jira?
  • Do we publish the project open-source in Github or use our internal Gitlab?

After gathering all our ideas and completing the brainstorm the team will be divided in groups, each with their own goals and tasks. Subsequently we’ll start analyzing all the requirements:

  • We will create UML diagrams
  • Define user-stories
  • Propose an initial database design

Everything we need to start developing in the next Lemonary!

A lot to think about, we will keep you posted!