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Gino Van Houdt

Software Engineer

Gino has a degree in civil engineering, and more specifically electrical engineering. That comes in handy as a developer at Lemon, since he daily Javascripts his socks off. Especially for one of our customers, Het Land Van Ooit. And with pleasure of course.

Gino also enjoys music, with a specific preference for rock, metal and blues. He plays guitar himself, as you can see. Want to start a band? Or to recommend him to Danko Jones as a new guitarist? Certainly do, because he is definitely open to it.

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Gino Van Houdt Software Engineer
+32 (0)3 369 90 82
Lemon Companies
Groeningenlei 16
B-2550 Kontich

+32 (0)3 369 90 82 [email protected] lemon.be
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How does Gino enforce Lemon?

  • Frontend Development - Angular & Ember
  • Back-end Development - MySQL & Java