Johannes Bergé

Software Engineer

Johannes is an inquisitive software engineer, whose heart beats faster for projects with technologies he doesn’t know yet. His specialty? Backend development. And the more complex, the better! Especially his continuous (self) critical view leads to quality.

This insatiable interest in everything that is unknown, not only drives Johannes in work life but also in his life outside Lemon. And you can take that "everything" quite literally: neurology, observing people, wandering around in India, ... As long as he can figure it out to the bottom line. Finally, Johannes plays piano and is a member of Ploeg IT and Ploeg Zingeving within Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen.

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Johannes Bergé Software Engineer
+32 (0)3 369 90 82
Lemon Companies
Groeningenlei 16
B-2550 Kontich

+32 (0)3 369 90 82 [email protected]
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