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Yuri Passchyn

Software Engineer

Yuri graduated a Computer Scientist with an interest for AI, a subject he also researched during his thesis. Within Lemon he dived headfirst into front-end development, while expanding his data-modelling skills.

Often, Yuri goes straight to the gym after work, which is why he is pictured alongside his favorite protein bar.

Furthermore, Yuri is a very talented gamer, a fact that has been proven many times during the Lemon Lan parties.

Say hi to Yuri
Yuri Passchyn Software Engineer
+32 (0)3 369 90 82
Lemon Companies
Rubensstraat 9
B-2550 Kontich

+32 (0)3 369 90 82 [email protected] lemon.be
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How does Yuri enforce Lemon?

  • Front-end Development - Angular & Ember
  • Back-end Development - Java
  • Data Modelling