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Yuri Passchyn

Software Engineer

Yuri is a graduated computer scientist with a strong affinity with AI. He further elaborated that interest for his thesis. Once at Lemon, he plunged into frontend development and improved his backend and data modeling skills.

Yuri is also a very talented gamer, which he has already proven more than once during the Lemon LAN parties. After work, Yuri often goes straight to the fitness. And those sessions are accompanied by his favorite protein bar of course..

Say hi to Yuri
Yuri Passchyn Software Engineer
+32 (0)3 369 90 82
Lemon Companies
Groeningenlei 16
B-2550 Kontich

+32 (0)3 369 90 82 [email protected] lemon.be
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How does Yuri enforce Lemon?

  • Front-end Development - Angular & Ember
  • Back-end Development - Java
  • Data Modelling