"My time to 'go digital'?"

10/04/2020 - 15:11

“This is the moment for companies to reinvent themselves”, was the headline on VRT NWS at the beginning of April. How and when the Corona crisis will end is a big question mark for everyone. But one thing is certain, the world will look different. Telework will become the new “normal” for many people, lessons will be given digitally, online shopping will increase more than ever, factories will be controlled even more virtually and yes, even a doctor’s visit will be possible from a distance.

This evolution will have an impact in every industry, whether you are in the food industry, local commerce or even education. It was long imminent, but this unusual situation has gained its momentum. Here is where Darwin’s true meaning of “survival of the fittest” comes to the surface. It’s not about the strongest, but about those who can adapt best. In order to survive, every company will have to look at its core and possibly ‘adapt’ its business. By seeing how the digital resources that are available today and tomorrow, can help companies get through post-corona time.

Of course, it will require investment and financial resources (which are currently difficult to unlock). However, thanks to these adaptations, companies will be ready in this inevitable revolution. “But where to begin?” is a question that many business leaders, who are considering the digital journey, are now asking themselves. And rightly so! The range of solutions is so wide that you don’t know where to start.

Therefore it is important to be well guided. A specialist who maps out your business processes and translates them into digitisation trajectories, puts you on the right track. They will help you build a roadmap that answers a few critical questions:

  • What is important NOW? What do we do first?
  • What are quick wins, with which we make immediate progress?
  • Which investments can be postponed? What can we do later?
  • How do I prepare for the future?

In short, a digitalisation roadmap answers the question “What do I do? And, when and how do I do it?”.

Specialists can make a good assessment of what needs to come first, because it is necessary that you learn to walk before you try to run! Lemon Companies is specialised in building digital solutions, ranging from web-based and mobile applications to IoT development, supported by its own UX/UI design department and hosting infrastructure. Each of these activities can be offered together or separately.

Generating impact for our customers is our vision and will therefore be central to building this.

During the Corona crisis we are happy to offer a free hour of analysis to guide you in this journey!

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