Weird things I enjoy at Lemon

26/09/2018 - 12:43

Though I’ve always wished to be into IT, that’s never really been the case. Being unfamiliar with the how and why, it should be no surprise that arriving at Lemon has left me dumbfounded. But coming here has been one of my best decisions so far.

The perks of man domination

 “All of a sudden, you got yourself a ton of older brothers.”

 First of all, you can ask for anyone’s help and enjoy going up by elevator while others take the stairs. They know precisely which beer is good and no doubt are reliable drivers when going out. Next, heavy luggage is not a problem anymore since there are many muscular guys willing to help. Besides, you don’t need to envy other girls if they are prettier than you like in the other offices. Haha just kidding!

In addition to the above, those Lemon squeezers are professional experts in varying areas of IT.

Not just a brother, more like a master

Although most are quite young, they produce quality IT products. What brought me to apply for Lemon was that their products always aim at the community, by which I mean they make life easier. For instance, one of their products I really like is Slimbak. To be more specific, the city can save money and time when using Slimbak to optimize waste management. With Lora technology, waste collectors can keep track of the city’s trash bins and when they are filled to optimize their routine. I always appreciate innovations that help reduce others’ stress in their jobs.

Anyway, can you guess who are the brains behind those wonderful inventions? It leads me to another unexpected thing about Lemon.

Breaking my mindset about IT guys

For a long time, I’ve imagined IT guys to be nerdy (sorry), introvert, silent, and computer’s besties; for them to barely talk, make jokes, and typically be indoor human beings. After my very first day at work, my old viewpoint completely shattered. In general, Lemon guys are surprisingly open-minded, easy-going and humorous. I had a chance to throw an “After-work” party altogether with them, and I must say that night has been the highlight story of my internship so far.

Exceeding my expectation, some of them can play a splendid guitar. Some even have 4 to 5 types of guitar at their home. What’s more beautiful than drinking beer, sit next to the balcony, and listen to pleasing music? Tell me. Thanks to these awesome guys, it has become one of my favorite scenes ever.


Back to reality

Enough with the compliments, I have to go back to my job to catch up with those Lemon Squeezers. At least, this company provides me with really good lemonade and tasty soup every day, so I’d better work hard to pay for it  😀 .

By the way, my name is Thanh Doan, you can call me May (which I prefer).