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Internet of Things

IoT is about connecting devices using the Internet, and allowing these devices to communicate with people, applications and each other. The concept of IoT was not much more than a concept for years. With the arrival of new technologies that make devices more reliable and cheaper, however, the concept finally became reality. An important new technique is to reliably exchange data wirelessly with little battery consumption. Lemon now works with various radio technologies. For applications that require short distances, such as Smart Home and Industry 4.0, we use Bluetooth 5. To bridge larger distances, such as Smart Cities or Smart Logistics, we use LoRa or Sigfox.


LoRa and Sigfox

LoRa and SigFox are new wireless technologies with low energy consumption on the one hand and a large range on the other. These technologies make it possible to use sensors that work up to 5 years on a single battery, and to send messages regularly over longer distances, up to 10 km. Lemon agreed partnerships with network operators for both technologies. This is Proximus IoT for LoRa and Engie for Sigfox.

Lemon does everything within its possibility to become your trusted IoT partner. We are working on an IoT software platform to manage and monitor more than 100,000 IoT devices. The platform would also host customized applications that receive, process and visualize data from the right sensors. To develop customized sensors, Lemon can count on its own expertise and on a number of partners.

Relevant Cases


Internet of Things Platform

Lemon ontwikkelde Slimbak. Dit is een Internet of Things systeem dat het afvalbeheer in steden en parken optimaliseert door via sensoren te meten hoe vol een vuilnisbak is.

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