We develop dynamic Internet of Things platforms.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things is about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to people, applications, and each other. It has been talked about for years, but has only recently become reality thanks to the emergence of some new technologies that have made devices more reliable and cheaper.

Low power long range wireless technologies like LoRa or SigFox are important in this respect. Now it becomes possible to deploy sensors that can operate during more than 5 years on a single battery, and still send regular messages over distances up to 10 km.

Lemon is putting everything in place to be your trusted partner for IoT.  With its software platform, more than 100.000 IoT devices can be managed and tracked.  The IoT platform can also host tailored applications that visualise and process the received data from your dedicated sensors. Lemon has also a number of partners that are ready to develop sensors for your needs.  In addition, Lemon has direct links with LoRa networks from Proximus and others and with the SigFox network of Engie. Lemon is partner with both Proximus IoT as well as Sigfox.

Relevant Cases


Internet of Things Platform

Slimbak optimaliseert afvalbeheer in steden en parken. Afvalbakken worden uitgerust met sensors die opmeten tot hoever een afvalbak gevuld is.