We develop dynamic software platforms.

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Websites and applications, either web based or mobile, are more than just ones and zeros. They can be built in endless different shapes and sizes. For starters, there are several different code languages (or stacks), like Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, and so on. Each has a different approach to how content is brought to a user (through HTML). JavaScript, for example, gets the necessary information from the server, after which is converts it to HTML on the user’s computer (client-based). PHP, on the other hand, generates the HTML on the server and then sends it to the user’s computer (server-side). Here at Lemon, we have a broad team of developers with a wide knowledge of code languages. Depending on what kind of website or application you have in mind, we can offer the right solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Solutions we have to offer

Whichever idea you have in mind, it’s highly likely that we can build it right here at Lemon. However, we do tend to focus on four specific ones: Web based applications, Mobile applications, (Marketing) Websites and E-commerce.

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Web based applications

Are you looking to build a crowdfunding platform, an ERP or a social platform? Did you invent a new kind of platform or are you innovating an existing one? At Lemon, you are at the right address. Using commonly used framework technologies like Angular and Ember for front-end and Java, MySQL and MariaDB for back-end, we can flexibly handle pretty much any request and deliver you a quality result.

Mobile applications

Applications for mobile phones or tables can take any kind of form. No idea is too crazy to put into an app. Mobile apps can be standalone or complimentary to a web based platform you launched last summer. Even though we mainly focus on more functional apps, we would love the challenge to develop a game, or even a more abstract kind of app. Native or hybrid, we love to have a crack at it.

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There are several good options to choose from when building a website. In essence, they are varieties of applications, or even integrated in them. Based on the amount of flexibility needed for content renewal, we can offer solutions from basic HTML/CSS, to fully custom made WordPress websites, built from scratch. If the database and functionality behind it gets more complex, we can even build your website in an application based framework.

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Relevant Cases


Web Platform

Diageo Bar Academy functions as training grounds for bar professionals. Our platform manages all planning administration behind these events.


Web Platform / Website

Participate is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that was specifically designed for organisations, associations and public institutions.


Web Platform / Website

Up to 2016, most of Samana's administration and its initiatives was done manually. Our first project with Samana was digitising the 'Blijven Reizen' initiative.


Website / E-commerce

Do you love barbecuing or gourmet? BBQ'tje provides delivery and catering services, so you can just enjoy.