We develop dynamic software platforms.

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Did you know that websites, web-based apps and mobile apps consist of more than just zeros and ones? You have different code languages ??(or stacks) with which you can build them, such as Java, Javascript, PHP, .NET, and so on.
Each code language brings the content in a different way to the user via HTML. JavaScript, for example, collects the necessary information on the server and then converts it on the user’s computer to HTML (client-based). PHP, on the other hand, generates the HTML on the server itself and sends the information, already packaged in HTML, to the user’s computer (server-side).

At Lemon, our team of developers has a broad knowledge of these code languages. Depending on the type of website or application you have in mind, we offer the right service that perfectly complements your needs. Going from software solutions for websites (marketing and e-commerce) to web-based or mobile applications.

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Although websites have different functions, there are always two recurring reasons. Firstly, to represent your brand or business online in a commercially advantageous way. In short: a website as a marketing tool. Secondly, to sell your company’s products or services online, regardless of whether you also offer them offline. In short: a website as a webshop.

Would you like a website for marketing or e-commerce purposes? Or do you already have such a website, but do you want to improve it? With both questions, Lemon can help. We offer solutions, ranging from basic HTML/CSS to fully customized WordPress websites, built from scratch. If the database and functionality behind the website become too complex, we can even build the website in a more extensive framework than WordPress.

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Web-based applications

Are you looking for help to build a web-based platform? Then you came to the right place! Lemon’s help ranges from building existing types of platforms such as crowdfunding platforms, ERP/CRM software systems, social platforms and so on, to developing a new type of platform. Do you already have a web-based platform, but do you want to optimize it? Lemon can do that too! We like to help our customers with innovating their existing channels.

We use framework technologies such as Angular and React for frontend, Java or NodeJS for backend and MySQL or MongoDB as a database. In this way, we handle almost every request and deliver quality products to our customers.

Mobile applications

Apps for mobile phones and tablets exist in all kinds of forms. Something Lemon knows all too well. No idea is too crazy for us to convert into an app. A standalone app or an app that is complementary to the web-based platform that you launched last summer? Everything is possible! And even though we mostly focus on functional apps, we certainly love the challenge of developing a game or a more abstract app. Native or hybrid: let’s do it. For the mobile development, we use ReactNative or Ionic as frameworks.

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Our stack


React Native

Java (Spring Boot)




Relevant Cases


Web Platform

Diageo reduces the administrative burdens of its initiative Diageo Bar Academy with an online platform, built by Lemon, that provides and manages customized schedules per user.


Web Platform / Website

Participate is a white-label crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform, built by Lemon, that users then customize to encourage their community to contribute.


Web Platform / Website

Samana organizes initiatives that improve the quality of life of people with a chronic illness. Lemon provided a uniform platform to digitize the manual administration process of the initiatives.


Website / E-commerce

BBQ’tje provides delivery and catering services for a carefree BBQ, gourmet, fondue, stone grill or teppayaki. Lemon took care of the website's design and the e-commerce system behind it.