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User Experience

User Experience, like it pretty much states, refers to how a user experiences his or her visit to a platform or website. It focuses on aspects such as usability, ease of use, and how users feel while navigating through the pages. At Lemon, we understand the importance of this, which is why we include our clients in the process of experience design so we can get a better understanding of what kind of visitors they might attract.

That’s where our creative and development teams come in, to travel alongside our clients and gain an insight of their business, so we can make their clients and visitors feel like their visit to the developed website or platform was effective, inspiring and satisfying.

User Interface

Where UX design is more focused on usability, easy of use and feelings of the user, UI design is more focused on look and feel, transferring the brand and its visual assets and making sure that the user’s experience is satisfactory, by making effective use of the mentioned assets. That’s why UX and UI design are complimentary: both are important to accomplish the best results for our clients.

At Lemon, we spend much time on both of these elements, as we pride ourselves on making every delivered project as easy-to-use and beautiful as we possibly can.

UX vs UI

The image above, however slightly misleading, gives a good impression of how UX and UI relate to each other. Imagine two different packages of ketchup bottles, one is glass with a nice looking packaging, where the other is plastic with an easy to use spout, to efficiently spread the ketchup where it’s needed. The first example, while beautiful, will eventually sprout frustrations when the last bit of ketchup is inaccessible to the user. The second, on the other hand, will make sure every last bit is used, while the packaging is a little less attractive.

The goal of a good collaboration between the two, would be to find the perfect balance between the two.

Relevant Cases


Angular web platform, Hybrid iOS/Android application

Participate is een crowdfunding en crowdsourcing platform dat specifiek werd ontwikkeld voor organisaties, verenigingen en publieke instellingen.

Appje voor de Borst

Mobile App

Appje voor de Borst kan gebruikt worden om te meten wanneer, hoe lang en met welke borst jouw baby werd geborstvoed.


Website / E-commerce

Hou jij ook van barbecuen of gourmet? BBQ'tje verzorgt levering- en cateringservices, zodat je gewoon kunt genieten.


Web Platform / Website

FindOut is een platform dat het meest kwalitatieve, volledige en gebruiksvriendelijke platform van alle evenementen in Antwerpen aanbiedt.