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(Application) Development

Did you know that websites, web-based apps and mobile apps consist of more than just zeros and ones? In the wondrous world of development, developers use several code languages (or a so-called stack) which we can use to build our projects: websites, web applications and mobile applications. Examples of these stacks are Java, Javascript, PHP, .NET, and so on.

We tackle all these projects in an agile way and as lean as possible. Depending on the scope, size and velocity requirements of the project we ensure full or partial availability of a product owner and project manager.

Through extensive experience in a variety of industries and by working on different types and sizes of projects our developers are comfortable in many situations. As result, they need minimal setup time and get up to speed quickly in new projects, ensuring that they can work swiftly and efficiently even on projects with a short life cycle in a new environment.

Depending on the type of website or application our clients have in mind, we offer the right service that perfectly complements their needs. Going from software solutions for websites (marketing and e-commerce) to web-based or mobile applications.

We use framework technologies such as Angular, React, and React Native for frontend, Java or NodeJS for backend and MySQL or MongoDB as a database. In this way, we handle almost every request and deliver quality products to our customers.

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Our stack


React Native

Java (Spring Boot)




Relevant Cases


Mobile app

The purpose of Multipharma was to build a smartphone application that connects pharmacies and their customers in a reactive way.


web platform

Squire is an internship platform that makes finding an internship easier for students. Besides that companies can proactively search for the ideal intern.

Oosterweel Werkt

Mobile app

The Oosterweel link, everybody not living under a rock knows about it. The notorious mobility issues in and around Zwijndrecht and Linkeroever are being fixed with this link.


Web platform

Corporify is a blockchain inspired platform, built by Lemon, that makes the legal management of companies more practical, accurate and reliable.

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