We develop dynamic mobile applications.

Mobile applications

Just as with web applications, our primary concern is how we can help improve our client’s business or organisation, and make sure that the application we build for them helps them reach their goals. This is why we always start by analyzing their needs, which helps us look for the right solution to fulfil those needs while respecting their budget. If we find out that a mobile app does not fit the bill, a web application might be a good alternative (did you know we can also optimize them for use in a mobile browser?). If it does, we will start opening an account on the (iOS) App Store or (Google) Play Store!

No idea is too crazy for us to convert into an app. A standalone app or an app that complements the web-based platform that you launched last summer? Everything is possible!

Steps in the process


We start by analyzing the business processes of our clients organisation and outline the requirements for the project. Step by step we delineate the scope of the project.

UX/UI Design

Based on that list of requirements, we start with the UX/UI phase to create a non-functional prototype. Find out more about UX/UI here.


The static prototype that was delineated during analysis and fine-tuned during design will be developed into a fully functional, user-friendly application that will be accessible by visitors upon completion. Find out more about (application) development here.

Relevant Cases


Mobile app

The purpose of Multipharma was to build a smartphone application that connects pharmacies and their customers in a reactive way.


Mobile App

Carey is a mobile coach who assists patients in the run-up to surgery and the healing afterwards.

Appje voor de Borst

Mobile App

Lemon developed Appje voor de Borst, an app that helps young parents to collect all practical information about the food, diapers and weight of their baby.

McKinsey & Company

Mobile App

McKinsey & Company, a multinational management consulting company, needed an app to tie their corporate weekend together and asked Lemon to develop it.

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