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User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is actually exactly what the name itself indicates: the way a user experiences his visit to a platform or website. More specifically, this ‘experience’ involves aspects such as the usefulness, the ease of use and the feeling with which the user browses through the pages.

Lemon understands the importance of this concept, and wants to help its customers understand and improve upon the experience of a visitor. By including the customer in the process of User Experience (UX), we get a better picture of the kind of users the customer attracts or wants to attract.

The elaboration part of the story is done through a synergistic collaboration between our development team and our creative team. Still side by side with our customer, of course, in order to obtain and maintain a good understanding of the desired outcome. In this way, we always provide an effective, inspiring and efficient user experience tailored to the needs of the customer.

User Interface (UI)

While User Experience (UX) focuses on the usefulness, ease of use and feeling, User Interface (UI) focuses more on the appropriate look and feel of a platform or website. Do the visual elements convey a brand’s message correctly? Do the visual elements increase the value of the user experience?

Lemon always does everything within its power to ensure that every customer and visitor/user responds with a fully convinced ‘yes’. The questions also immediately indicate why you should never disconnect UX and UI from each other. At Lemon, we know that UX and UI are complementary and that they are both important to achieve the best result for our client, and of course, theirs. We do so, by proudly delivering projects that are as user-friendly and beautiful as possible.

UX vs UI

The image above represents the relationship between UX and UI perfectly. Imagine two ketchup containers: one packaging is made of plastic and has an easy spout to distribute the ketchup efficiently (UX), the other is made of glass and looks aesthetically beautiful (UI).
Imagine now that there is a delicious croque monsieur in front of you. Do you use the glass packaging? Then you use a beautiful product that causes frustration when you don’t succeed in getting the last bit of ketchup on your croque. Do you use the plastic packaging? Then you use a less beautiful product, but one that allows you to use the last bit of ketchup.
Our goal? Creating synergy between the two to find the perfect UX/UI balance for every customer.

Relevant Cases


Angular web platform, Hybrid iOS/Android application

Participate is een white-label crowdfunding en crowdsourcing platform, ontwikkeld door Lemon, dat gecustomized wordt om gemeenschappen aan te moedigen om bij te dragen.

Appje voor de Borst

Mobile App

Lemon ontwikkelde Appje voor de Borst, een app waarmee jonge ouders alle praktische informatie over de voeding, de luiers en het gewicht van hun baby verzamelen.


Website / E-commerce

BBQ’tje verzorgt leverings- en cateringservices voor een zorgeloze BBQ of gourmet. Lemon voorzag, met grote honger, het design van de website van BBQ’tje en het e-commerce systeem erachter.


Web Platform / Website

FindOut is het meest kwalitatieve, volledige en gebruiksvriendelijke evenementenplatform in Antwerpen en werd praktisch uitgewerkt door Lemon.

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