We develop dynamic web platforms.

Web applications

The reasons for building a web application can vary greatly. Is this application meant to improve the efficiency of certain operational processes internally? Or maybe it is meant to optimize a commercial activity and convert more visitors to clients?

At Lemon, first and foremost, we look at our client. It is important for us to build a web application that suits their needs, and fits their budget. Their need could be fulfilled by building a crowdfunding platform, an ERP/CRM software system, a social platform and so on, but it could also consist of a completely new type of platform (which originates from an innovative idea or technology).

Before we start building, however, we analyse our client’s organisation to give us a full picture of what they need to improve their business. There’s no need to build an application that may already exist on the market and might just perfectly solve our client’s needs. Our goal is to improve their business, because only that way we can improve our own.

Steps in the process


We start by analyzing the business processes of our clients organisation and outline the requirements for the project. Step by step we delineate the scope of the project.

UX/UI Design

Based on that list of requirements, we start with the UX/UI phase to create a non-functional prototype. Find out more about UX/UI here.


The static prototype that was delineated during analysis and fine-tuned during design will be developed into a fully functional, user-friendly application that will be accessible by visitors upon completion. Find out more about (application) development here.

Relevant Cases


Web Platform

Diageo reduces the administrative burdens of its initiative Diageo Bar Academy with an online platform, built by Lemon, that provides and manages customized schedules per user.


Web Platform / Website

Samana organizes initiatives that improve the quality of life of people with a chronic illness. Lemon provided a uniform platform to digitize the manual administration process of the initiatives.


Web Platform

Lemon developed Forganiser, a tool that facilitates the management of flexible and permanent employees. The platform helps companies to efficiently find, plan and pay employees.


Web Platform

Inpress designs, realizes, places, removes and stores signs, cloths and stickers on behalf of real estate agents and project developers.

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