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Websites and their content management

Websites exist for many different purposes, however two reasons come up most frequently: representing a brand or business, or selling products or services.

Representing yourself online as a brand or business is interesting as it allows you to tell the story behind your organisation, share your reason for existence with the world or provide information on the products or services you offer. It has many advantages to advertise your business online, because in theory and in practice, word about your brand could travel the world and reach many interested prospective clients.

The same can be said for selling products and services, directly from your website, or as it’s more commonly referred to: e-commerce. Visitors can buy your products or services without having to visit a physical store, making it easier for them to buy and have their purchase delivered to them, without having to leave their home, while opening up the possibilities to buy and sell internationally.

We offer solutions, ranging from basic HTML/CSS to fully customized WordPress websites, built from scratch with PHP. If the database and functionalities within the website prove to be too complex, we can even build the website in a more extensive framework than WordPress.

Steps in the process


We start by making a list of requirements with our client and delineating the scope.

UX/UI Design

Based on that list of requirements, we start with the UX/UI phase to create a non-functional prototype. Find out more about UX/UI here.


Development: After finishing the UX/UI phase, we can start building the code for your website. Find out more about (website) development here.

Relevant Cases



The website was launched by Lemon, based on the graphic information and wishes of D.A.S. according the design. Lemon is responsible for the correct functioning of the website used by D.A.S..


Web platform

We consolidated two websites into one platform where customers can easily find information about Q8Oils and their products.


Web Platform / Website

Samana organizes initiatives that improve the quality of life of people with a chronic illness. Lemon provided a uniform platform to digitize the manual administration process of the initiatives.

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