Win a bottle Lemoncello, a Google Home kit or an Oculus Go

22/03/2019 - 14:10

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The Lemon Games – May the lemons be ever in your favour

Lemon is constantly looking for new talent. And we believe that a lot of new talent can be found among students and recent graduates. But how do these talents find their way to our company? Maybe we could leave a path of breadcrumbs that leads them to our doorstep… Or maybe we could kidnap them out of their classrooms and bring them here ourselves… Or maybe we could attract fresh forces with an interactive contest on Instagram. Our realistic management team preferred the latter of course. And what is said, is done. On Friday March 1, our very first Lemon Games have started!

The Lemon What?

We created The Lemon Games to raise brand awareness among young potential Lemon Squeezers. More specifically, it implies an interactive Instagram contest to win 3 different prizes. To possibly receive one, the contestants have to take certain action. And each prize belongs to a specific action or so-called Lemon Game.

The first Lemon Game is for the Lemoncello lovers. See what we did there? We created our own brand original limoncello. To be in the running to win a bottle of our Lemoncello, contestants only need to follow our Instagram account and tag 2 drinkbuddies in the comments. As simple as that!

In the second Lemon Game, contestants compete for a Google Home Kit mini that makes their home a smart home. This amazing prize goes to the participant that creates the most creative banner of his or her interpretation of our slogan “Let’s do IT together” and post it on his or her Instagram profile with the hashtag #lemongamesbanner.

Last but not least, the third Lemon Game, which is the dynamic variant of the second. It entails creating the most creative video of their interpretation of our slogan “Let’s do IT together” and posting it on their Instagram profile with the hashtag #lemongamesvideo. The prize to win? An Oculus GO VR headset. In other words: worth the effort!

Student associations

To help us reach a lot of students and recent graduates, we are collaborating with two student associations: Europakring in Antwerp and Industria in Leuven. They will help us raise awareness for the contest and engage possible contestants to participate. Besides this collaboration, we also promote The Lemon Games ourselves by distributing Lemon stickers to students.

For those who are interested in joining: the contest will end at April 15th 2019. So be quick and give it a try to win one of these awesome prizes.