We are Lemon

We create, we develop, we consult, we link

We are Lemon. We are a young and dynamic technology company with a wide range of services & products.

For those who have ideas: we can be a collaborative partner. For those who need a web or mobile app: we offer solutions. For those who can’t afford downtime: our support team will keep you up and running. For those looking to connect to the cloud: we can link you. We are Lemon and we help you create, build, start up and maintain.

Who we work with

Our Team

Christophe Sysmans Christophe Sysmans

Christophe Sysmans

Technical Director (Software)
Brend Brentjens Brend Brentjens

Brend Brentjens

Creative Director
Filip Smet Filip Smet

Filip Smet

Jan Van Bogaert Jan Van Bogaert

Jan Van Bogaert

Project Manager
Ahmed Abdelhamid Ahmed Abdelhamid

Ahmed Abdelhamid

Project Manager
Robin Bosmans Robin Bosmans

Robin Bosmans

Operations Manager
Julius Moortgat Julius Moortgat

Julius Moortgat

Account Manager
Wouter Van Der Linden Wouter Van Der Linden

Wouter Van Der Linden

Support Engineer
Jens Teblick Jens Teblick

Jens Teblick

Technical Director (Hardware)
Vincent Verbist Vincent Verbist

Vincent Verbist

Software Engineer
Yuri Passchyn Yuri Passchyn

Yuri Passchyn

Software Engineer
Tom Celis Tom Celis

Tom Celis

Software Developer
Ann Van Hove Ann Van Hove

Ann Van Hove

Software Engineer
Tomas Verrelst Tomas Verrelst

Tomas Verrelst

Software Engineer
Winand van den Bergh Winand van den Bergh

Winand van den Bergh

Software Engineer
Laurent Janssens Laurent Janssens

Laurent Janssens

Software Engineer
Jef Van den Bergh Jef Van den Bergh

Jef Van den Bergh

Allround Creative
Koen Verheyen Koen Verheyen

Koen Verheyen

Software Engineer
Nannu Nannu


Mascotte & Office Dog
Our team of Lemon squeezers consists of ambitious, fun, energetic people. We employ engineers, allround creatives, world savvy representatives and allround entrepeneurs. See any jobs you like? Send us an email and join our team!

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